About Us

We Are Professional

Dhan Kalyan Co-operative Thrift & Credit Society Limited is a leading technologically advanced and professionally managed Co-operative Society operating in Delhi, with plans for future expansion across India.

Dhan Kalyan Co-operative Thrift & Credit Society Limited (henceforth referred to DHANKALYAN or the Society) is a Thrift & Credit Cooperative Society registered under the Delhi Cooperative Society (DCS) Act 1972. The registration number of the Society is (150). The Society was registered with the Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Delhi on 2th of Feb 2017.

The society also provides credit facilities to its members for productive purposes in accordance with the cooperative principles.

Any common citizens are the target for the credit society and there are various Investment, Savings as well as Loan schemes available for them.

Future Plans

  • To open branches all around delhi
  • Fully Computerized
  • Interest more than banks

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